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Liaisons and Committees

This portal can be used to reach our agency liaisons to report a problem with your case or alert us about a systemic issue that we can try to resolve.

For a full list of all AILA-NE committees, scroll down.

**Requesting assistance for “stuck” I-130s for individuals in proceedings: Click here.

Pending I-130 for clients in proceedings before EOIR

  • This has been a longstanding problem because USCIS often does not have the I-130 file and cannot adjudicate the case before the court hearing, which results in continuance of the case.
  • AILA NE Board and USCIS Boston/Lawrence have developed a new process where the attorney can alert the USCIS to request the file in advance to try to avoid that situation.
  • When the hearing is 9 months away, you can send a letter to USCIS with heading: “ATTN SCHEDULING TEAM: COURT HEARING WITHIN 9 MONTHS”
  • This new process should allow the USCIS to request the file and adjudicate the I-130 before the hearing.

**Requesting assistance for “stuck” E-29s: Click here.

If you have a EOIR-29 that has NOT been forwarded to the BIA, please complete this spreadsheet and email it to the USCIS-MA liaison at

**Submitting medicals for EB-AOS applicants: Click here.

Boston and Medical Exams for EB cases

Boston Field Office has confirmed that, although Employment Based immigrant visa numbers have been exhausted for FY 2022 (and therefore cannot approve any more cases before September 30, 2022 for those categories), they will continue to accept your clients’ information to determine whether you can submit medicals. If you have an Employment Based Case in Boston in which the I-485 has been pending at least 30 days, the I-140 is approved, the Priority date is current, Biometrics were completed, and the client resides in the jurisdiction of the Boston field office ( ), you may reach out to to add your client’s information to the spreadsheet which our liaisons will send to the Boston Field Office to facilitate submission of medicals and hence adjudication of the case.

FIND SPREADSHEET HERE: EB medical submissions (2022).

At this time, the pilot program applies only to applications under the jurisdiction of the Boston Field Office. Lawrence Field Office has confirmed that they will not be adopting Boston’s method.  Instead, Lawrence will be reaching out to all cases that are currently pending in the office and will be calling Applicants and attorneys about sending the 693’s to them directly. As further field offices report to our liaisons on this issue, we will let you know.

USCIS’s reschedule email accounts are no longer active.  Reschedule requests can now be submitted either by mail (we recommend notating “Attorney Drop Box” on the envelope and header), dropped off in person, or via the InfoMod system. 

If you have a ‘problem case’ with USCIS, please continue to use the problem case portal on this website.

Contact Information for All AILA New England Committees (here is the full list of individual liaisons: Liaisons 2023-2024 6.7.2023)

AIC Ambassador/Essay Contest


Liaison between AIC and AILA NE.

Promote and coordinate local Essay Contest in conjunction with AILA National Essay Contest and coordinate event(s), including event with USCIS to have winning essays read and awards presented.





Liaison between the Asylum Office and AILA NE including raising ‘problem cases’ with the AO.


Provide policy and other updates to the membership.
Community-Based Organizations (CBO) / Pro Bono Project Committee


Serve as the liaison between Community Based Organizations and AILA NE, including coordination of advocacy efforts.


Congressional Relations – Local Efforts and National Day of Action


Help plan and execute the annual Congressional Breakfast and National Day of Action, and build/maintain relationships with New England Congressional offices.


Customs and Border Protection / Logan Airport


Liaise with CBP at Logan and address problems/issues as necessary.
CBP/Land Border


Liaise with CBP at land borders and address problems/issues as necessary.


Consulates in Canada


Help recommend resolutions for AILA NE members having difficulties with consulates in Canada.


Diversity and Inclusion Committee


Promote full and equal participation of all chapter members, committees, and groups, including lawyers of varying genders, national origins, racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation and gender identity, religious beliefs, age, marital status, and disability status.




Report news and updates to Executive Board and to the Chapter quarterly and as requested and assist members with ‘problem cases.’


Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE)


Handle member problems as needed and build/maintain AILA’s relationship with ICE.




Ethics and UPIL


Work with USCIS, AG’s Office, and relevant government agencies in combating UPIL by arranging at least one meeting with USCIS and the AG’s office to identify issues or concerns they and members have and address how we can best work together.


Events/Meeting Coordinator


Coordinate logistics for monthly meetings and any special meetings or events, including name tags, and refreshments (when meetings occur in person).


Finance Committee


Review Chapter’s financial affairs and budget and make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding the yearly donations, scholarship amounts and other financial matters.


Law Student Members Liaisons


Answer inquiries (such as those regarding internship opportunities) from AILA student members.


Meet with immigration classes at New England area law schools to disseminate information about AILA student membership.


Report back to Chapter about the results of outreach.
Litigation Committee


Prepare written summaries/reports on decisions from EOIR, District Courts, BIA, and the First Circuit related to immigration, to be shared bi-annually to the Chapter.
Media and Public Relations Committee


Work with the AILA Communications Department, AILA-NE committees, and members to carry out positive public and media relations at the local level.


New Members Division


Arrange and coordinate substance and logistics of monthly New Members 4pm meetings, including choosing speakers and topics, and tarting the Zoom meeting (when virtual).


Office of Chief Counsel (OCC)


Handle member problems as needed and continue to build/maintain the chapter’s relationship with OCC.


Registry of Motor Vehicles


Respond to member inquiries concerning RMV issues and liaise between AILA New England and the RMV.


·        MA:

·        R.I.:

·        ME:

·        NH:

·        VT:


Scholarship Committee


Collect and review scholarship applications and make recommendations regarding scholarship recipients to the Executive Board.
State Legislative Relations


Monitor immigration-related legislation and provide updates to Media Liaisons and the Board.



USCIS Massachusetts 


Assist members with issues/problems in seeking USCIS assistance at the Boston and Lawrence Field Offices and continue to build/maintain the chapter’s relationship with the field offices.










USCIS Rhode Island


Assist members with issues/problems in seeking USCIS assistance at the Rhode Island Field Office and continue to build/maintain the chapter’s relationship with the Office.


USCIS New Hampshire


Assist members with issues/problems in seeking USCIS assistance at the New Hampshire Field Office and continue to build/maintain the chapter’s relationship with the Office.


Assist members with issues/problems in seeking USCIS assistance at the Maine Field Office and continue to build/maintain the chapter’s relationship with the Office.


USCIS Vermont


Assist members with issues/problems in seeking USCIS assistance at the Vermont Field Office and continue to build/maintain the chapter’s relationship with the Office.


Web/Technology Liaison


Monitor and administer AILA NE Facebook page and Provide user-experience feedback and help make improvements as needed.

Social Security Administration


Engage with the Social Security Administration to address issues with the production and issuing of social security cards and benefits.


Military Assistance Program (MAP)


Assist the national AILA MAP coordinator with case placement and volunteer recruitment.


Probate/ Family Court Liaison


Serve as point of contact to AILA NE members who have questions on how to navigate Probate/Family Court.


Continuing Legal Education Committee


Plan at least 1x/month brown bags for members on a variety of topics.


Lawyer Well-Being Liaison


Promote, consider, and implement strategies to foster well-being at the local level. Disseminate the national Lawyer Well-Being Committee’s updates within the chapter, and ensure members are aware of the various resources available to them in seven topic areas (emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, occupational, and work-life integration.
Mentor Circle Liaison


Be the point person for new individuals interested in joining a mentor circle and follow up on circles as needed.
Conference Committee [Oct. 2023 Conference]


Plan and coordinate the Chapter’s annual conference.
Bylaws Review Committee


Review the Chapter’s bylaws and make recommendations to the Board, particularly in light of AILA National’s 2023 revisions.
Nominating Committee


Nominate Board members, per the bylaws.