Agency Liaison Portal (“Wish List”)

Let’s try to make things better! This portal can be used to reach our agency liaisons to report a problem with your case or alert us about a systemic issue that we can try to resolve.

September 15, 2021 USCIS Liaison Update

**Requesting assistance for “stuck” I-130s for individuals in proceedings: Click here.

Pending I-130 for clients in proceedings before EOIR

  • This has been a longstanding problem because USCIS often does not have the I-130 file and cannot adjudicate the case before the court hearing, which results in continuance of the case.
  • AILA NE Board and USCIS Boston/Lawrence have developed a new process where the attorney can alert the USCIS to request the file in advance to try to avoid that situation.
  • When the hearing is 9 months away, you can send a letter to USCIS with heading: “ATTN SCHEDULING TEAM: COURT HEARING WITHIN 9 MONTHS”
  • This new process should allow the USCIS to request the file and adjudicate the I-130 before the hearing.

**Requesting assistance for “stuck” E-29s: Click here.

If you have a EOIR-29 that has NOT been forwarded to the BIA, please complete this spreadsheet and email it to the USCIS-MA liaison at

**Submitting medicals for EB-AOS applicants: Click here.

Boston and Medical Exams for EB cases

Boston Field Office has confirmed that, although Employment Based immigrant visa numbers have been exhausted for FY 2022 (and therefore cannot approve any more cases before September 30, 2022 for those categories), they will continue to accept your clients’ information to determine whether you can submit medicals. If you have an Employment Based Case in Boston in which the I-485 has been pending at least 30 days, the I-140 is approved, the Priority date is current, Biometrics were completed, and the client resides in the jurisdiction of the Boston field office ( ), you may reach out to to add your client’s information to the spreadsheet which our liaisons will send to the Boston Field Office to facilitate submission of medicals and hence adjudication of the case.

FIND SPREADSHEET HERE: EB medical submissions (2022).

At this time, the pilot program applies only to applications under the jurisdiction of the Boston Field Office. Lawrence Field Office has confirmed that they will not be adopting Boston’s method.  Instead, Lawrence will be reaching out to all cases that are currently pending in the office and will be calling Applicants and attorneys about sending the 693’s to them directly. As further field offices report to our liaisons on this issue, we will let you know.

USCIS’s reschedule email accounts are no longer active.  Reschedule requests can now be submitted either by mail (we recommend notating “Attorney Drop Box” on the envelope and header), dropped off in person, or via the InfoMod system. 

If you have a ‘problem case’ with USCIS, please continue to use the problem case portal on this website.