Agency Liaison Portal (“Wish List”)

Let’s try to make things better! This portal can be used to reach our agency liaisons to report a problem with your case or alert us about a systemic issue that we can try to resolve.

September 15, 2021 USCIS Liaison Update

**Requesting assistance for “stuck” I-130s for individuals in proceedings: Click here.

Pending I-130 for beneficiaries in proceedings: If your client (residing in the jurisdiction of the Lawrence or Boston Field Office) has an I-130 that has been pending a long time without an interview, please complete this spreadsheet and send it to the USCIS-MA liaison at We will provide your client’s receipt number and A number to the Field Office so that their interview can be scheduled.

**Requesting assistance for “stuck” E-29s: Click here.

If you have a EOIR-29 that has NOT been forwarded to the BIA, please complete this spreadsheet and email it to the USCIS-MA liaison at

**Submitting medicals for EB-AOS applicants: Click here.

If you have applicants who would like to submit their medical exam, please email us at with a spreadsheet with the A#, client name, attorney name, and I-485 receipt number. FIND SPREADSHEET HERE.

We had a meeting with the Boston Field Office leadership and they specifically requested this information, so please do use the spreadsheet to facilitate this process.

Once we receive the spreadsheet, we will ask that USCIS confirm the case is in Boston, then confirm with you that the file is in Boston. Once we confirm the file is in Boston, we will notify you and send you instructions for how/where to deliver the medicals.

At this time, the pilot program applies only to applications under the jurisdiction of the Boston Field Office.

We will be hand-delivering medicals on a rolling basis. We are currently planning on delivering batches of medicals on a weekly basis to the Field Office.

USCIS’s reschedule email accounts are no longer active.  Reschedule requests can now be submitted either by mail (we recommend notating “Attorney Drop Box” on the envelope and header), dropped off in person, or via the InfoMod system. 

If you have a ‘problem case’ with USCIS, please continue to use the problem case portal on this website.