Pro Bono

“To what greater object, to what greater character, can we aspire as lawyers than to assist the helpless and friendless in a worthy cause? I say there is none. To devote your skill and energy to the plight of another, without the promise of a material reward for oneself, is what sets us apart as professionals.”

John Adams, 1761

Devoting time and professional skill to public service is a hallmark of the legal profession. AILA offers resources to assist members to locate opportunities as well as incorporate such service into their practices.

The AILA/PAIR Pro Bono Program

This Program is a collaborative project between the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and the Political Asylum Immigration/Representation (PAIR) Project. It is strongly supported by the Boston Immigration Court’s administration (EOIR) and its Immigration Judges. For more information and how to get involved see the attached Program Overview: AILA_PAIR Description

EOIR / Federal Court Shadowing Program

AILA New England has established this program to allow attorneys new to removal / federal court practice to observe real court hearings, see experienced practitioners in action, and have debrief meetings afterwards. To sign up or to get more information, please contact Julio Cortes Del Olmo, at:

If you are an AILA New England chapter member interested in obtaining more information about our Pro Bono activities, please contact one of our pro-bono project liaisons.

AILA New England UPIL Reporting Form

Please do not put any client-identifying information into this form. The UPIL Liaison Committee will follow-up with you if further information is needed. The information entered on this form will be shared with the Office of the Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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