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DEI Mission Statement

DEI Mission Statement:

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee of AILA New England  (DEI Committee) is committed to promoting full and equal participation of all its members, committees, and groups by creating programming that helps AILA attorneys become educated on DEI terminology and sensitivity. Our foremost mission is that of incorporating DEI procedures, policies, and protocols within every facet of AILA New England, while ensuring that the government agencies with whom we interact harbor values that align with these DEI sensitivity and protocols. Ultimately, it is our mission to create and foster a welcoming and inclusive space for all attorneys within our chapter regardless of their gender, national origin, racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation and gender identity, religious beliefs, age, marital status, geographic location, lawyers with disabilities, and especially attorneys from historically marginalized communities. We are further committed to expanding access to leadership opportunities for diverse members to ensure that our chapter reflects the diverse immigrant community it serves.  Finally, we are committed to employing proactive and concerted measures through nurturing relationships with other affinity organizations and groups in and around New England to better ensure that the needs of our members and clients are met. Ultimately, it is about walking our talk by employing actionable steps in executing the goals stated in this mission statement.

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